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Signing ceremony for the physics education promotion alliance National Physics Education Joint Meeting 2019 at NCYU – Promoting Physics Education

  The National Physics Education Joint Meeting 2019 kicked off at National Chiayi University from August 22nd to 24th. Co-organized by the NCYU Department of Electrophysics this year, the event was the largest academic symposium on physics education in Taiwan. This year marks the centennial anniversary of NCYU, making the event all the more meaningful. The joint meeting was organized with funds from the Physics Research Promotion Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, applied by the Physics Education Society of the Republic of China (PESROC), Physics Education Resources Center, and NCYU Department of Electrophysics, which organized the meeting jointly with the NCYU College of Science and Engineering. On the first day of the grand event, NCYU President Chyung Ay hosted the opening ceremony, and presented the Physics Education Award to teacher Yuan-hsu Wu.

  The three-day joint meeting took place respectively at the International Conference Hall, Teaching Complex, and the Auditorium at the Library on the Lantan campus of NCYU. The event was attended by around 300 teachers from different levels of schools and professionals in related fields around Taiwan. Guests of honor included Pauline Ho, Chairman and CEO of “Science Etrans,” Marine Chang, Deputy editor-in-chief of the Taiwanese edition of Scientific American. A stand was set up to promote the Wikipedia periodic table. The meeting proceeded with focus on three topics: teacher empowerment and training, inquiry and practice, and reform of university-level physics education. There were a total of six practice workshops, three forums and talks, six concurrent sessions, 22 invited speeches, 18 oral presentations, 36 poster presentations, for which a competition was held. The wealth of activities covered major issues of physics education nowadays.

  On the second day, Peng Fu-yuan, Director-General of the K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education (MOE), specially showed up at the poster presentation competition. Along with the judging panel, he listened to introductions and presentations made by the teachers and students, from first to last. Director-General Peng indicated that he appreciated the efforts the organizers have made in holding the event. In the future, he hoped that through collaboration between the MOE and the physics education promotion alliance, they could provide better resources, urge more teachers to gather together to share their results and brainstorm creative ideas, and ultimately provide the highest possible quality physics education.

  On the last day of the meeting, Stan Shih, Chairman Emeritus of the Acer Group, and the Chairman of National Culture and Arts Foundation, was specially invited to the signing ceremony for the physics education promotion alliance and award giving ceremony at the end. At the signing ceremony, an academic cooperation and exchange agreement was signed by NCYU President Ay, Chia Hwa Senior High School Principal Chen Jun Jie, Chiayi Junior High School Principal Chen Ren-Huei, Budai Junior High School Principal Wu Min-Nan, Nan Hsing Elementary School Principal Zhuang Zheng-Dao, Datong Elementary School Principal Chou Chi-Jen, Ho-Shin Primary School Principal Wang Zi-Yun, and the PESROC. As stipulated by the agreement, different levels of schools in the local area will be connected, and are expected to engage in closer cooperation in the future. It also symbolizes NCYU’s role in spearheading basic physics education in the country.

  According to Su Chiung-Wu, Profesor of the Department of Electrophysics and chairman of this joint meeting, they presented awards to winners at the Poster Paper Competition at the ceremony. In addition, the team who just won the second edition of the National High School Inquiry Competition earlier this year was invited to the award ceremony, led by the Principal of the school, and received the prize from Chairman Shih. With his closing remarks, Chairman Shih encouraged the students to develop three abilities alongside with their academic studies: an ability to conceptually solve systematic problems, an ability to integrate across domains, and an ability to inquire into the root cause of the problems. These are also basic and key competencies in learning physics. Chairman Shih’s remarks not only provided valuable advice to the students, but brought this joint meeting to a spectacular, thought-provoking close.


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