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NCYU President Chyung Ay (left) presented a scholarship of NT$100,000 to Liu Wan-yu (right).Centennial NCYU Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony: Universiade Gold-Medal-Winning Senior Encourages Younger Students to Dream Big and Make It Happen

  With the title of “Centennial NCYU Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony,” the freshmen inauguration ceremony of National Chiayi University in the academic year 2019-2020 took place at the Auditorium (Zuei-Suei Guan), Lantan campus, on Sep. 3rd. The ceremony unveiled with performances by student clubs, and their exciting dancing performances allowed the freshmen to feel the liveliness and vivacity of the campus life. With the attendance of President Chyung Ay and top supervisors, the ceremony reached its climax with “Fly the Balloons and Let Your Dreams Take Flight,” which symbolized a start for the freshmen to begin their studies at NCYU.

  In his address, President Ay encouraged the freshmen to carry out interdisciplinary learning, develop abilities to think and evaluate independently and to solve problems, and achieve the goal of learner autonomy in various contexts. Given the advancement of technology, he stressed that knowledge is passed down in different ways than in the past. He expected the students to develop learner autonomy during the university years so that they could adapt to a rapidly changing industry. Only with self-learning can they keep up with the times. Last but not least, President Ay urged all the freshmen to cultivate the following abilities in the four years to come: an ability to think systematically and innovatively, an ability to learn and integrate across domains, an ability to inquire into the root cause of the problems, and an ability to apply knowledge into practice. With these key abilities, they could make breakthroughs and create their own future.

  During the ceremony, President Ay presented the Model Learner Award and a scholarship of NT$100,000 to Liu Wan-yu, who studies at the Graduate Program of Physical Education, Health and Recreation. Liu captured Taiwan’s first gold medal in the women’s trap shooting event, and silver in the mixed trap at the 2019 Summer Universiade in Naples, Italy. President Ay thanked Liu, a pride of NCYU, for bringing honor to Taiwan, and invited her to give encouraging words to the younger students at the ceremony. Liu indicated that she has been engaged in shooting activities since high school, and it has been taking a lot of effort to practice while maintaining academic learning. To realize your dreams and goals, she said you need to work much harder than others. She encouraged the juniors to follow their dreams and work hard to achieve their goals, so that their dreams can come true. Lastly, she expressed her gratitude to President Ay for his recognition, to the NCYU teachers for their support, and her family and friends for their companionship.

  This year marks the centennial anniversary of NCYU. The tutoring program for freshmen in the academic year 2019-2020 will comprise a three-day event. The first day will feature introductions to different departments, “NCYU Feels Like Home,” “Let Your Dreams Take Flight,” “UCAN Career Exploration and Education” and other activities to offer the freshmen a glimpse of the campus environment and life. On the second day, they will be introduced to different services offered by the line units of the university. There will also be the student club exhibition, orientation event, “Dinner with NCYU,” student club night, and other activities arranged by the Division of Student Activities. The student club activities are organized with the hope of relieving the freshmen of the nervousness they could feel towards the new environment. On the third day, the freshmen will participate in a “one-day excursion to the mountains and seaside in Chiayi,” during which they will visit “Alishan National Scenic Area,” “Hinoki Village,” “Southern Branch of National Palace Museum,” “Dongshih Fisherman’s Wharf” and other famous tourist spots in Chiayi. The excursion is expected to introduce the NCYU freshmen to the scenic spots and local characteristics in the neighborhoods of Chiayi County and City before they start on a new journey from NCYU to a spectacular future.


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