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University Emblem

The design and the meaning of the logo and the flag of National Chiayi University

  • The inspiration of the design came from the transliteration of Chia-Yi. The acronym of Chia-Yi combined with the shape of the mountain Alishan is simplified as spiral circles and triangles.
  • The circles in the middle symbolize the merger of the two universities, while the triangles and the line across the circles resemble the shape of the letter Y. The triangles and the spiral circles represent a metaphor of the splendid mountains, rivers and the earth.
  • The three triangles symbolize not only the splendid mountains and rivers but also the integration of multiple disciplines of the two universities.
  • The spiral circles symbolize the combination of the two universities. The development and the potential of National Chiayi University have increased dramatically after the merger of the two universities, and the universities will become a world-famous university in the future.

Designer: Pao-tsung Cheng, Associate Professor, Department of Art Education, National Chiayi University

The Second University Emblem

The Second University Emblem

The Idea of University Emblem Design

National Chiayi University was formed by merging National Chiayi Institute of Technology and National Chiayi Teachers College. The emblem was designed according to the excellent traditions of the two colleges and the future development of NCYU.

The emblem includes world-famous Yushan with a rising sum, which represents the ultimate goal of NCYU to be a prestigious university and to be recognized locally, nationally and internationally.

The winding river in the emblem flows across the Chianan plain and it is considered the lifeline of Chiayi, which represents the long history and the stable development of NCYU. NCYU will continue to cultivate talents and contribute to the country and the society.

Designer: An-Sheng Lee, Assistant professor/Ph.D, Department of Forest Products Science and Furniture Engineering, National Chiayi University



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