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last update time 2022/09/16
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Chang, Su.-Ching, Ph.D

Dr. Chang, Su-Ching


Tel: +886-5-2717811 (Office of Deptartment)

Research Topics

Marine Ecology, classification and biodiversity of decapods, morphology, molecular systematics and evolution, marine education and promotion


2016 Ph.D, Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University
2010 Master's Degree, Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University
2008 Bachelor's Degree, Department of Biological Resources, National Chiayi University 

Academic Experience

  • Assistant professor, Deptartment of Biological Resources, National Chiayi University (2020–)
  • Assistant researcher, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (2020)
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University (2019–2020)
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Division of General Medicine of Pediatrics, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou (2016–2019)
  • Visiting PhD student of University of Pennsylvania, USA (2014)
  • Visiting PhD student of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China (2012)
  • Visiting PhD student of National University of Singapore, Singapore (2011)
  • Ecological consultant of Hushan Reservoir, Yulin County, Taiwan (2010)
  • Visiting Master student of Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UK (2009)


Journal papers

  1. Chang S.-C., T.-Y. Chan and A.B. Kumar (2020, Mar) A new clawed lobster of the genus Nephropsis Wood-Mason, 1872 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Nephropidae) from the SJADES 2018 Indonesia deep-sea cruise. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology.
  2. Chan T.-Y., C.-Y. Hsu, A.B. Kumar and S.-C. Chang (2020, Jan) On the “Plesionika martia” (A. Milne-Edwards, 1883) species group in Indian waters. Zootaxa.
  3. Chang S.-C. and T.-Y. Chan (2019, Mar) On the clawed lobsters of the genus Nephropsis Wood-Mason, 1872 recently collected from deep-sea cruises off Taiwan and the South China Sea (Crustacea, Decapoda, Nephropidae). ZooKeys, 833: 41–58.
  4. Komai T., S.-C. Chang and T.-Y. Chan (2019, Mar) A new deep-sea species of the caridean shrimp genus Lebbeus White,1847 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Thoridae) from southern Java, Indonesia. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 67: 150–159.
  5. Chang S.-C. and T.-Y. Chan (2018, Oct) Molecular evidence of sexual polymorphism in the rare deep-sea lobster genus Thaumastocheles Wood-Mason, 1874 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Nephropidae). Journal of Crustacean Biology, 38(6): 772–779.
  6. Chang S.-C., D. Tshudy, U. Sorhannus, S.T. Ahyong and T.-Y. Chan (2017, May) Evolution of the thaumastocheliform lobsters (Crustacea, Decapoda, Nephropidae). Zoologica scripta, 46 (3): 372–387.
  7. Chang S.-C., T.-W. Wang and T.-Y. Chan (2015, Oct) First record of the nephropid genus Acanthacaris Bate, 1888 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Nephropidae) from Taiwan. Zootaxa, 4032(5): 595–599.
  8. Chakraborty R.D., T.-Y. Chan, G. Maheswarudu, G. Kuberan, P. Purushothaman, S.-C. Chang and S. Jomon (2015, Sep) On Plesionika quasigrandis Chace, 1985 (Decapoda, Caridea, Pandalidae) from southwestern India. Crustaceana, 88(7-8): 923–930.
  9. Chang S.-C., S.T. Ahyong and T.-Y. Chan (2014, Jan) New records of deep-sea blind lobsters from Taiwan (Crustacea: Decapoda: Polychelidae). Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 21(Suppl): 8–14.
  10. Chang S.-C., T.-Y. Chan and S.T. Ahyong (2013, Oct) Two new species of the rare lobster genus Thaumastocheles Wood-Mason, 1874 (Crustacea, Nephropidae) discovered from recent deep-sea expeditions in the Indo-West Pacific. Journal of Crustacean Biology, 34(1): 107–122.
  11. Chang S.-C., T. Komai and T.-Y. Chan (2010, Mar) First record of the hippolytid shrimps genus Lebbeus White, 1847 (Decapoda: Caridea) from Taiwan, with the descriptions of three new species. Journal of Crustacean Biology, 30(4): 727–744.

Conference papers

1.    The Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting, Hong Kong, China (May, 2019)“Evolution of the deep-sea blind lobsters of the family Polychelidae Wood-Mason 1875 (Decapoda: Polychelida)” (oral presentation)

2.    8th International Crustacean Congress, Frankfurt a. M., Germany (Aug, 2014)“Phylogenetic relationships amongst the thaumastocheliform lobsters (Crustacea: Decapoda: Nephropidae)” (oral presentation)

3.       2013 Annual Meeting for Fisheries Society of Taiwan, Chiayi, Taiwan (Jan, 2014)“Molecular phylogeny within the deep-sea blind lobster family Polychelidae (Crustacea: Decapoda)” (poster)

4.       9th International Conference on the Marine Biodiversity and Enviromental Fisheries Science of the East China Sea, Keelung, Taiwan (Sept, 2013)“Molecular phylogeny of the deep-sea blind lobster Polychelidae (Crustacea: Decapoda) and with four new records from Taiwan” (poster)

5.       2012 Annual Meeting for Fisheries Society of Taiwan, Keelung, Taiwan (Jan, 2013)“Molecular phylogeny on the rare deep-sea clawed lobsters of the Family Thaumastochelidae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Nephropoidea), with the discovery of two new species” (poster)

6.       The Second Cross-Straits Workshop on Marine Biodiversity, Keelung, Taiwan(Oct, 2012)“Molecular phylogeny on the rare deep-sea clawed lobsters of the Family Thaumastochelidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Nephropidae)” (poster)

7.       2011 Annual Meeting Fisheries Society of Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Dec, 2011)“Taxonomic studies on the shrimps of the families Hippolytidae and Processidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea)” (poster)

8.       2nd Regional Bio-Asia Conference, Keelung, Taiwan (Nov, 2009)“The first record of the shrimp genus Lebbeus White, 1847 in Taiwan, with the discovery of two new species” (poster)

9.       Summer Meeting in Tokyo, Japan & the 47th Annual Meeting of Carcinological Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan (Sept, 2009)“Effect of artificial and natural rocky shores on the reproductive biology of the intertidal organisms (barnacles and hermit crabs)” (oral presentation)


  • Chang S.-C (2016) Relationships amongst Lobsters that with Claws (Crustacea: Decapoda: Polychelida, Homarida)-Ph.D Dissertation, Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University
  • Chang S.-C (2010) Taxonomic Studies on Families Hippolytidae and Processidae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea) of Taiwan-Master's Thesis, Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University

Research Projects

  1. Sis Mermaid tells stories—Educational Project of Plastic Reduction and Marine Conservation (2020, Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council)
  2. Fishery Resources and Marine Ecosystems Investigation and Inventory in Penghu County (2018–2019, Penghu County Government)
  3. Taxonomic Studeis on Marine Shrimps and Lobsters of Taiwan, Southeast Asia and India (2018–2021, Minister of Science and Technology)
  4. Investigation and Planning of Fishery Resources Protection Area and Rare Species (2019, Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture)
  5. Inventory of Ecological Resources and Conservation Strategy Plans of fishes and crustaceans in the watersheds of Yangmingshan National Park (2016, Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters)
  6. Taxonomic and Phylogenetic Studies on the Caridean Shrimp Superfamily: Pandaloidea (2015-2018,Minister of Science and Technology)
  7. Taiwan-France Investigation of Marine Biodiveristy and Evolution of Benthic Animals (2013-2016,Minister of Science and Technology)
  8. Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Marine Macrura reptania (2013-2016,Minister of Science and Technology)
  9. Studies on the Decapod Crustacean Biodiversity in the Indo-West Pacific (2010-2013,Minister of Science and Technology)





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